KS2 Artists in Schools


Artists in Schools residencies embed art in the curriculum and assist teachers in providing creative sessions in the classroom and gallery environment. Artists work with pupils to develop their creativity and expression and allow them to explore what it is to be an artist and develop their own artistic skills. In addition, the programme provides professional development opportunities for teachers and can increase pupil’s creativity and self-confidence.

Nature’s canvasChildren drawing

Painter Pat Mountford is inspired by nature, seascapes and rural landscapes and documents her discoveries through expressive drawing, watercolour and acrylic paintings. Pat encourages you and your pupils to explore, experiment and play with mixed media techniques, such as wax trapping and painting onto canvas, to create colourful and textural artworks based on natural form and the local environment.

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Jim Medway and a pupil workingCreating characters

Comic artist Jim Medway observes and captures people as unique characters, to create witty portraits and imaginative stories. Jim will bring his techniques into school to help pupils' create profiles and drawings for characters they can develop into stories. Working individually and collaboratively, visual literacy and communication skills will be developed through a series of drawing tasks, games and discussions to share the characters pupils have created.

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Handling objectsAn object from the box

We've created a traveling box of curiosities that brings actual gallery objects into school for your pupils to handle, discuss and use to create stories. The objects come from Mary Greg, a Victorian lady who donated her wonderful collection to the gallery in 1922 so that it could be used to educate children. Pupils will explore letters from Mary to help them investigate objects and create links to encourage conversation, stir the imagination and discover who Mary Greg was.

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Pupils in Tudors workshop
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Ford Madox Brown's Work

Ford Madox Brown's Work - detail
Ford Madox Brown's painting Work, is brought to life in this exciting interactive aimed at KS2 pupils.